How to get more from your fuel tax

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Could you be getting more from your fuel tax claims?

Fuel makes up a significant portion of the costs related to running a fleet. So, it makes sense for fleets equipped with a telematics solution to use the GPS data it captures to calculate Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) accurately and increase FTC entitlements.

Our partnership with Nuonic, a leading-edge data analysis firm, makes it possible for us to offer a solution for accurately calculating and claiming fuel tax credits. PRISM, Nuonic’s advanced platform for commercial vehicle fleet analysis, automates the analysis of high-volume fleet activity data at scale. This platform helps businesses optimise how they manage their vehicle fleet and increase the value it contributes.

Typically, clients using this automated platform see fuel tax uplifts of up to 30%. It also assists in the analyses of retrospective claims for even more cost savings.

What are you waiting for? Learn how MiX Telematics can help to maximise your fuel tax claim by contacting us today.

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