2018 Australian Telematics Report

Fleet management technology has the potential to transform the efficiency and safety of your business operations, and deliver tangible return on investment (ROI).

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Compiled results

To investigate how telematics is currently being used, we surveyed over 200 fleet professionals from across Australia about their telematics-based habits. With this survey we aimed to gain insight into how (and if) fleet professionals are currently using telematics, what capabilities are most popular and what benefits they expect to see by using telematics technology.Download now

fleet professionals

took part in the survey and the results have been summarised into this handy little e-book, which is available now for download. Download now

It covers key outcomes such as:

We’ve compiled all of the results into one comprehensive e-book that you can download for free

The challenges faced by fleet professionals
What is viewed
How telematics data is being used for monitoring and analysis
Key reasons for using telematics

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