Case Study

Location: United Kingdom
Fleet Size: 130
Industries: Transport and Distribution
Benefits: Efficiency | Safety

Martin Brower (formerly Keystone Distribution)

Martin Brower operates a fleet of 130 trucks and articulated vehicles, completing up to 3 deliveries to each and every McDonald’s restaurant in the UK per week. Since implementing the MiX Telematics Fleet Manager solution, the company has managed to reduce its fuel costs by 10% per year, and reduce driver errors from a rate of 200 per 100 km traveled, to just 20.

The solution combines fleet management technology, which deals with fuel usage, maintenance, tracking and route planning, with clear and simple driver behavior reporting. Based on a very consultative implementation process, MiX Telematics helped Martin Brower to set new driver behavioral targets, resulting in fuel savings of up to 10%, reduced risk of accidents and 15% lower wear-and-tear across the entire fleet.

Thanks to real-time location information, the company has further been able to utilize its fleet more effectively, reducing its fleet size by 12%.

I’ve been delighted by the improvements in our operation that MiX have helped us deliver. The system is key to our becoming more efficient.

- Keith Coomber, Martin Brower

MiX Telematics is a global provider of Fleet Management, Driver Safety and Vehicle Tracking services and solutions.

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