European Transport Safety Council

MiX Telematics and ETSC presents

EU Safety Road Show

Providing a safe and healthy working environment guarantees a positive impact on both economics and employee performance.

MiX Telematics is partnering with ETSC to host the EU Safety Road Show to showcase how companies can create an efficient road safety plan for their employees.

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23 May 2018

Real-life situations

At this event, you will get in-depth guidance on how to develop a work-related road safety strategy and discover how companies are creating their own safety plans in real-life situations.

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Registration and coffee
Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director, ETSC
Laurence Atchison, Project Manager, PRAISE project
Jonathan Bates, Marketing Director, MiX Telematics Europe
Coffee break
Niall McNally, Head of IT, Business Analysis and HR, National Vehicle Distribution and 2017 PRAISE award winner
Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director, Wincanton Logistics Services UK
Andy Phillips, Director of Risk Management, Applied Driving Techniques
Q & A session

Guest Speakers

Niall McNally
Niall McNally
Business Analysis and HR
- National Vehicle Distribution (NVD)
NVD is a family-owned Irish company providing outbound automotive logistics services to car manufacturers and fleet operators.
Niall will give an overview of NVD’s proactive approach to driver risk management.
Carl Hanson
Carl Hanson
Group Fleet Director
- Wincanton Logistics Services UK
Wincanton is a provider of supply chain solutions in UK and Ireland.
Carl will share his experience and what Wincanton has put in place to enhance operational safety.
Antonio Avenoso
Antonio Avenoso
Executive Director
- The European Transport Safety Council
ETSC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries in Europe.
Antonio will give an introduction to ETSC.
Mary Ogungbeje
Mary Ogungbeje
Research and Development Coordinator
- Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
IOSH is a British organisation for health and safety professionals.
Mary will present IOSH’s most recent research on work-related road safety.
Laurence Atchison
Laurence Atchison
Project Manager
- The European Transport Safety Council
ETSC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and injuries in Europe.
Laurence will present the PRAISE project and the work that has been done so far regarding work-related road safety.
Andy Phillips
Andy Phillips
Director of Risk Management
- Applied Driving Techniques
Applied Driving Techniques focuses on driver and fleet safety.
Andy will present driver profiling and the effect of telematics on the reduction of accidents.
Jonathan Bates
Jonathan Bates
Marketing Director
- MiX Telematics Europe
MiX Telematics is a leading global provider of fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking solutions.
Jonathan is representing MiX Telematics and the work they are doing with regards to road safety.
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