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How MiX ReportMyDriving is creating safer roads in South Africa

MiX is proud to announce the launch of an in-house driver monitoring service called MiX ReportMyDriving. The service is focussed on promoting road safety and reducing road accidents by improving driver behaviour and identifying those drivers who are a risk to other road users.

Fleet owners display the MiX ReportMyDriving decal on their vehicles and other road users can report reckless driving directly via the MiX ReportMyDriving hotline. The MiX ReportMyDriving service is a simple, yet effective way to monitor driving behaviour through the feedback of other motorists. In fact, studies indicate a host of benefits linked to a driver monitoring service, including a 52% reduction in accident-related costs, and 20% fewer accidents in vehicles displaying safety hotline stickers.

Visit www.reportmydriving.co.za for more information.


Success for driver fatigue and distraction monitoring seminar in Brisbane

The Brisbane Truck Show took place in Brisbane, Australia, from 25 – 28 May with a recorded attendance of 33,763 visitors over the four days. MiX Telematics hosted a seminar on the first day of the show in conjunction with our technology partner, Seeing Machines/Guardian. Attendees at this exclusive seminar included high-profile companies like Kalari, Origin and Volvo. The event was hosted by Queensland rugby legend, Billy Moore. The two-hour session was packed full of interesting presentations covering topics like:

  • The most common types of crashes in Australia and road toll research findings,
  • How to monitor distracted driving, which has become the number one cause of crashes in the U.S., and
  • How technology can be used to address the issue of driver fatigue and the related number of fatalities it causes in Australia.


More exciting additions for MiX Telematics in Brazil

Two well-known public transport companies in Brazil are now using MiX Telematics’s solutions to improve the safety of their drivers and the efficiency of their fleets. Rio Minho and Sentra were both looking for a solution to help cut the fuel consumption and maintenance costs of their fleets. Monitoring over 70 vehicles in Rio Minho’s fleet and part of Sentra’s 400+ vehicles fleet, MiX has helped both passengers and business owners by providing reliable information to fleet owners who have streamlined their operations.


Beame reaches 100,000 likes on Facebook

Beame by MiX Telematics is celebrating its 100,000th ‘Like’ on Facebook. This smart yet simple stolen vehicle recovery solution is South Africa’s best tracking solution for all types of vehicles. This light-weight device has been a hit among consumers, and continues to keep customers satisfied and safe.
Learn about Beame.



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