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See how MiX Vision is getting better and better

The innovative MiX Vision in-cab video solution is being updated to offer fleet managers even more value through a new feature. Thanks to a recent firmware update, it is now possible to be alerted to tampering on any of the four supported cameras. These alerts will be raised if the vehicle is moving and the camera is obscured, covered or tilted to display a static image. MiX Vision continues to be popular among customers as it integrates seamlessly into MiX Telematics’s premium fleet management solution, which means one offering, one installation, one contract and one complete service provider. No more 3rd party-managed video!


MiX Telematics to join forces with Master Systems at upcoming Papua New Guinea event

MiX Telematics and Master Systems Technologies will be participating in the upcoming Industrial Mining and Resources event, due to take place in Port Moresby from 9 – 10 August 2017. This event  is likely to attract up to 1,700 visitors over the two-day period, with attendance predominantly from those across the Mining, Engineering, and Oil and Gas industries. 



MiX Telematics and channel partner, Rotagyn, host successful conference in Brazil

Hosted by SETCAR, a Union of Freight Transport Companies in the Araraquara region in Brazil, and organised by MiX channel partner Rotagyn, the conference brought together transport companies in the area. Having achieved success using MiX Telematics’s solutions, Rotagyn explained the benefits of using a trusted telematics solution and presented the Jornada de Trabalho (MiX HOS solution) along with positive feedback from companies like Arnost. 


US-based Nine Energy Service getting the best out of their in-cab video solution

Brett Quigley, Director of Fleet and DOT compliance at Nine Energy Service, shared his feedback on how they  are getting the most out of their MiX Telematics solution in a recently published article. As an oilfield services company operating a fleet of light- and heavy-duty trucks throughout the U.S. and Canada, Nine was looking for a holistic platform that would improve the efficiency of their fleets and the safety of their drivers. As Quigley points out, the need to re-evaluate their telematics solution was also triggered by the upcoming ELD mandate.
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International Truck Grand Prix event uses MiX solution for valuable insights

The Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC), organisers of the International Truck Grand-Prix, have enlisted MiX Telematics to provide valuable vehicle monitoring insights at this exciting event. Taking place at the Nürburgring in Germany from 30 June to 2 July 2017, the MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution will report on a number of driving events such as excessive speeding as well as in-cab alerts when pre-set speeds are reached. With this wealth of information, judges will be able to analyse infringements quickly, allowing the meeting to continue smoothly and uninterrupted.
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Upcoming events

Webinar: Increasing road safety through driver engagement
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Thursday 27 July 2017

Industrial Mining and Resources event
Papa New Guinea
9 – 10 August 2017

MEA Channel Partner conference
Angsana Laguna Resort, Phuket, Thailand
13 – 15 August, 2017