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For successful fleet operators, it’s no secret: engaged drivers means successful business. The way your drivers operate your vehicles affects every aspect of your business, from how much fuel is used to the number of accidents that occur – or don’t.

MyMiX is an innovative driver engagement platform that further enables its customers to run safer and more efficient fleet operations. MyMiX gives drivers a tangible opportunity to own the important process of continuous improvement.

MyMiX runs on iOS and Android, and is available to customers with the MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution.






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Why MyMiX?

MyMiX is yet another way that MiX Telematics helps customers to save lives and save money.

Safe drivers are more economical drivers
By ensuring safe driving behavior, fleet operators automatically facilitate driving habits that promote economical driving and subsequent fuel savings. Benefits therefore stretch from accident reductions to cost savings and overall business risk reduction.

Scoring and ranking
MyMiX integrates Standard and RAG scoring models. Daily and weekly score analyses are available as well as six-month trends. Drivers see how they rank compared to site and organisation averages.

Easy and direct access
Drivers can log in to MyMiX 24 hours a day, via the web or a mobile device. The personal and convenient access to key information about their performance is proven to enhance driver engagement and driver behavior.

Multiple vehicle visibility and comparisons
Scores and details are available for multiple vehicles driven by a particular driver. Performance and fuel consumption variances are also available.

Strong performance culture
MyMiX gives drivers the opportunity to own their professional development and contribute to business objectives. Not only can drivers view their own scores, but they also get to see how they rank compared to site and organisation averages. This spark of healthy competition helps operators to cultivate a strong performance culture.

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