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MiX TankSafe™ fuel security and safety devices are globally recognized as the world’s most effective devices to prevent fuel theft. These devices are proven worldwide to achieve fuel savings of as much as 25% of the total fuel cost. Therefore, return on investment after fitting these devices can be achieved within six weeks.

In the commercial fleet industry theft of fuel is a common reality. Fuel accounts for approximately 40% of a fleet’s total operating cost and fuel theft results in significant financial losses for fleet operators. It is estimated that fleets can lose as much as 10 litres of fuel per truck per day due to syphoning and skimming.


  • The patented devices are 100% aluminium to prevent corrosion and damage, with a three-year guarantee
  • Installation only takes a few minutes and can be fitted permanently to the fuel tank with adhesive
  • The device doesn’t impact the flow rate of fuel into the tank (tested at flow rates of 140 litres per minute)
  • A comprehensive range is available, enabling fitment to 100+ different fuel tanks including most global truck models, plant and construction equipment, refrigerated trailers, buses, coaches, and vans

MiX TankSafe™ ‘Impregnable’ fuel security device

The only device in the world that can prevent fuel siphoning, skimming and spillage.


Its unique non-return float valve allows fuel to flow into the tank during filling and then locks the tank once filling is complete. In this way, no fuel can be siphoned, not even the top few centimetres. The unique float valve also prevents spillage, which alleviates health, safety and environmental concerns. The valve also makes it impossible to overfill the tank, thereby preventing wastage.


  • Proven fuel bill reduction by up to 25%
  • Fuel savings increase profitability - payback can be achieved within 6 weeks
  • Prevents siphoning and skimming which reduces fuel theft
  • Environmentally friendly – by preventing harmful diesel spills
  • Prevents overfilling and therefore wastage
  • Tamper proof protection for the float-valve

MiX TankSafe™ ‘Standard’ anti-siphon device

Independently proven to be the world’s most effective anti-siphon device at preventing third-party fuel theft.


Its short neck and high, solid dome base prevent siphoning of fuel. It also restricts the amount of fuel that can be skimmed from inside the anti-siphon chamber. The two-inch thick, solid aluminium, robust dome base leaves only a minimal amount of fuel exposed. It does not prevent the removal of small amounts to the depth of the anti-siphon device (skimming).


  • Prevents siphoning* with 75% more protection than the nearest competing basic anti-siphon device.
  • Attack-proof, aluminium manufacture with a 2-inch thick solid dome base that cannot be easily displaced.

*NOTE: With a full tank there is still the potential to ‘skim’ small amounts of fuel from the top of the dome base. The MiX TankSafe™ ‘Impregnable’ fuel security device prevents skimming and siphoning.

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