The MiX Track and React professional 24/7 control room service helps alleviate the pressure and risk that comes with managing a fleet of vehicles. Trained Track and React agents manage pre-determined driving criteria notifications in real-time. When critical events are triggered, the agents contact the driver in order to improve their driving style and determine their safety. Incidents like hijackings and vehicle theft can be acted on immediately, limiting losses.

With MiX Track and React, you can increase the visibility of your drivers and fleet, and ultimately have greater control over what happens when they are out on the road. This allows you to focus on other areas of importance while enjoying the advantage of foresight.

MiX Track and React provides a variety of benefits for fleets of all sizes and in all types of industries. The service increases the overall productivity of your drivers by guiding them towards better driving habits and also enhances the safety of your fleet.

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Always one step ahead

MiX Track and React affords users the ability to have their drivers and fleet held accountable by a professional, highly-trained team of control room members who are ready for any eventuality. The value of the MiX Track and React team lies in their ability to lessen risk and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

Specialised software

The MiX Track and React software collects real-time data to facilitate reporting on undesirable events and activities. It is used to maintain and manage agreed workflows and contacts per depot.

Instant alerts

As soon as a hazardous situation arises, alarm signals are sent to the control room where the critical event monitoring takes place. This ensures that immediate action can be taken to keep both drivers and fleets safe and efficient.

Regular, detailed reporting

Daily and weekly occurrence, and customer feedback reports help to identify driver- and fleet-related issues before they get out of hand, allowing management to implement reparative processes and prevent future incidences.

Incident management

Exception-based events are monitored 24/7 for incidences of theft, hijacking and other precarious scenarios. In the event of an incident, a detailed report is created to assist in managing the aftermath.

Compliance training

As part of the MiX Track and React service, drivers and supervisors are briefed on the driving criteria selected by their company and provided with online training explaining how telematics and the Track and React process works.  Certificates are awarded upon completion.

Event-based monitoring

The ability to monitor and receive alarms about drivers entering no-go zones, driving after-hours, over-speeding, driving too long without rest, idling excessively and more ensures compliance and accountability even when fleets are far away.

How can MiX Track and React positively impact your fleet?

The MiX Track and React solution manages the tricky business of having both a safe and productive fleet on your behalf. Risky and inefficient behaviours are swiftly identified through round-the-clock monitoring of critical driving event notifications, and then pro-actively managed by escalating repeat offenders before it’s too late.


Safer drivers and fleets

A 24/7 control room means drivers and fleets can be alerted and protected in situations that may endanger their safety or the safety of company assets.


Reduced fuel consumption

MiX Track and React helps to pro-actively manage and prevent bad driving habits. This ends up saving costs due to a reduction in fuel consumption, among other things.


Increased productivity

The MiX Track and React service can be used to specifically focus on events that have been previously identified as negatively impacting the productivity of your fleet.


Improved compliance

Drivers are supported in meeting compliance requirements through on-going driving event management and the correction of non-compliant behaviours as soon as they occur.


Proactive change management

Instead of planning for the worst, the solution allows management to implement preventative measures based on real-time data and continuous feedback.


More control

MiX Track and React helps to increase transparency between drivers and managers, ultimately offering more control over what happens out on the road.

“MiX Track and React is a 24/7 control room service that assists in proactively managing drivers and fleets in real-time.”

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