Crisis management:

Post-crash action and care

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities organizations can ask their employees to do. Road traffic injuries is currently one of the leading causes of death and disability within the Middle East.

The impact of a crash involving one of your vehicles can be minimized through the implementation of proper plans in the case of such events. According to the WHO, one of the leading risk factors for crashes and road injuries is inadequate post-crash care*.

A telematics solution (such as MiX Fleet Manager) can be used to track and monitors driver behaviour as it’s a well-known fact that certain actions on the road are more likely to lead to a crash. For example, if a driver regularly speeds, they increase their risk of getting into an accident. Other high-risk actions, aside from speeding, include braking too intensely (which implies following other cars too closely or not paying attention to traffic) and cornering too fast (a result of speeding).

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