Are you monitoring driver fatigue?
Did you know that 20% - 30% of all fatal crashes are due to fatigue? At-work drivers are particularly at risk due to spending long hours driving, driving at night and irregular sleep schedules. What’s more is that fatigue can happen to anyone, regardless of how experienced the driver is. A recent webinar looked at what fatigue is and how it can be managed to mitigate potential risks.
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When safety is your first priority

We all know that roads can be a hazardous to travel on. Whether they are being used for leisure or for business, everyone using the roadways have an obligation to make it a safe place for all. That's why MiX Telematics and the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) have partnered to promote road safety at this year's ETSC Safety Road Show in Birmingham, UK.

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Exciting research about how fleet professionals are using telematics now available
In-depth research has been undertaken to understand the challenges fleet professionals are facing. Over 200 Australian fleet professionals were surveyed to find out what their telematics-based habits are. The survey explores how (and if) fleet professionals are currently using telematics, what capabilities are most popular and what benefits fleets have received by using telematics technology.
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Bringing technology and education together
MiX Telematics, in partnership with the Phelang School in Kwa-Thema Springs and iSchoolAfrica, launched the iPad lab in Gauteng, South Africa. The iPad lab will support the needs of 16 autistic children from the Phelang school and is part of the school’s commitment to ensure that every learner is provided with a setting that is conducive to their special and unique needs.
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Join our upcoming webinar

In this NAFA webinar, entitled “Essential KPIs all fleet managers need to track”, experienced speakers will explore what KPIs YOU need to be measuring right now to improve fleet operations and how this translates to real-life results.

  • Date: 16 May 2018
  • Time: 12h00 – 13h00 (EST)
  • Instructors: Pete Allen, Chief Client Officer at MiX Telematics (North America), and Grady Kelly, Senior Manager, Asset Management at Archrock
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