Exciting new option for ELD customers
Good news for Hours of Service (HOS) customers looking for more effective driver payroll management. MiX Telematics’s Fleet Manager solution now offers Time Entry, a HOS extension which helps make payroll management more accurate and more efficient. Benefits include improved accuracy of payroll data, saved time due to less paperwork and reduced fraudulent payroll claims.

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WEBINAR: Crisis management: Post-crash action and care
Make sure you attend Brake’s very important webinar, sponsored by MIX Telematics in the UK, covering the impact that a fatal or serious road crash involving a fleet vehicle has upon an organisation, its employees and the victims. Attendees will learn:
  • What complications can arise following a road crash;
  • How fleet managers should approach crisis management; and
  • What an effective crisis management strategy should include.

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LineStar Integrity Services gets ELD ready with the right partner
US-based energy solutions company, LineStar Integrity Services, has chosen MiX Telematics to provide them with a class-leading ELD solution to help improve the safety, compliance and efficiency of their fleet. “MiX Telematics’s ELD solution checked all the right boxes for us when it came to choosing a full-featured telematics solution. We’re pleased that 400 of our vehicles will be fitted with MiX’s premium fleet management solution” said LineStar Integrity Services.

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Another set of strong results for MiX Telematics
MiX Telematics announced its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019, which ended on December 31, 2018. MiX Telematics delivered another very strong quarter, exceeding expectations across all key operating metrics with continued strength of its subscription business, which is up 16% year-over-year, on top of last year’s record growth.

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Rewarding drivers, the right way
Imperial Tanker Services, a MiX Telematics customer, handed out their annual Driver Awards in January. These awards are a way to celebrate their drivers’ hard work and to recognise them for their efforts throughout the year. Winning drivers in the following categories are awarded: Accident Free Driver of the Year, Merit Driver of the Year and Driver of the Year. The winners of these categories were chosen with the help of the MiX Fleet Manager solution as it accurately measures driver behaviour.

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Catch MiX Telematics at the following events:
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WEBINAR: Crisis management
Post-crash action and care
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NAFA's Institute & Expo (I&E)- Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
Catch MiX Telematics at the largest gathering of fleet professionals.
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