MiX Telematics reaches the 750,000 subscribers’ milestone
MiX Telematics has announced that it has reached 750,000 subscribers in the second quarter of 2019. This is a remarkable milestone which speaks to MiX’s global footprint, unrivaled solution-offering and strong customer relationships. The growth in subscribers has also been achieved with expansion into key markets. This milestone has helped subscription revenue increase by 18.0% from 2018.
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MiX Telematics attends the Global Fleet Conference in Miami
The Global Fleet Conference is an annual event exclusively attended by managers of the world’s largest multinational commercial fleets. Alternating locations between Europe and the U.S. each year, over 300 participants from all over the world attend this conference to examine the latest thinking in global fleet management. This year, our North American team attended the conference to showcase MiX’s thought leadership. Adam Bruttell, VP of Sales and Marketing for MiX North America, took to the podium during a session on 'Best Practices in Global Safety Management' to speak about the use of technology in fleet and road safety.

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The impact of gamification in telematics
Can gamification help improve driving behaviour within a fleet? Gamification is a term that’s been doing the rounds for more than a decade. Put simply, it’s the application of game mechanics, such as point scoring and rules of play, to non-game contexts – like fleet management. Rewards and incentives are used as motivation when certain goals are met, similar to when badges and achievements are given to gamers when completing tasks. We’ve developed a white paper that explores how the effective implementation of gamification can be used to improve engagement, work transparency, and the connection of employee actions to business outcomes.

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Case study: MiX helps BTRA retain high standards of safety
In our latest case study, we look at how MiX Telematics has helped the British Truck Racing Association (BTRA) to maintain their high standards of safety and accuracy in racing for many years. BTRA aims to make all races as fair as possible and does so with the help of MiX Telematics’ sophisticated speed monitoring equipment. In addition to the equipment, MiX has also made a very experienced Judge in Fact of Speed available at each race who offers on-site support for BTRA to ensure rules are correctly enforced or to settle any potential disputes.

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MyMiX: engaged drivers = successful business
For fleet operators, it’s no secret: engaged drivers mean successful business. The way your drivers operate your vehicles affects every aspect of your business, from how much fuel is used to the number of accidents that occur – or don’t. MyMiX gives drivers a tangible opportunity to own the process of continuous improvement. It’s the way of the future for fleet operators and drivers who are serious about safety and efficiency.

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Large FMCG company expands adoption of MiX Telematics’ solutions into Southeast Asia
MiX is delighted that it will again be expanding its footprint into Asia thanks to one of our longstanding customers, a global FMCG giant. MiX already provides solutions for this company’s over 700 vehicles across Africa, Europe and South America. This latest deployment expands solutions to more than 100 vehicles across 14 locations in Malaysia, underpinning the company’s commitment to ensuring the safety and efficiency of their drivers and vehicles.

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Meet the MiX Brazil team at NTU
Come and meet MiX Brazil at the NTU 2019 National Seminar from the 20 - 21 August being held at the Royal Tulip Brasília Alvorada Hotel in Brazil. The theme of this seminar is innovating and reinventing the future of public transport with a focus on the customer. MiX Telematics will be showcasing telematics solutions for fleets, particularly urban buses, as well as share successful customer case studies. MiX’s aim is to help fleet managers reduce accidents, improve fuel consumption and optimise the usage of their fleets.

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NTU 2019 National Seminar
Royal Tulip Brasília Alvorada Hotel in Brazil
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