Mexican logistics leader addresses NOM-087 mandate with MiX Telematics
MiX Telematics has announced that Grupo Logistics, a leader in the Mexican logistics sector, is enhancing the compliance of their transportation fleets through the adoption of MiX’s premium fleet solution. Grupo Logistics is amongst the first in Mexico to comply with NOM-087, an act similar to the ELD mandate in the United States of America. NOM-087 requires fleet owners to implement measures in order to effectively track drivers’ hours of service and their resting periods. Similarly, the mandate aims to significantly reduce the negative impact that fatigued drivers have.
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The Wireline Group upgrades to MiX Telematics for ELD compliance and asset management
The Wireline Group is implementing MiX Telematics’ solutions across its fleet of nearly 400 heavy- and light-duty trucks and trailers to assist them with ELD compliance, safety and efficiency improvement, and asset management. The Wireline Group is the leading provider of cased-hole, electric wireline services in the Rocky Mountain Region, Permian Basin, New Mexico, and both Central and Southern Texas. The Wireline Group is using the vehicle tracking, driving hours management and driver behaviour modification features of the MiX Telematics’ premium solution to implement ELD-compliant fleet management.

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MiX Brazil showcased in Revista AutoBus magazine
MiX Brazil was recently showcased in an article in the July/August edition of Revista AutoBus Magazine. The article, titled ‘Reduzindo os gastos desnecessários’ (which translates to ‘Reducing unnecessary expense’), shows how Auto Ônibus Moratense LTDA , a bus carrier based in São Paulo, achieved a 10 - 15% reduction in fuel consumption and improved driver behaviour using MiX Telematics’ solutions.

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MiX Track and React - reducing risk and limiting losses
The MiX Track and React (TAR) 24/7 control room service helps alleviate the pressure and risk that comes with managing a fleet of vehicles. Professional agents manage pre-determined driving criteria notifications in real-time. When critical events are triggered, a TAR agent contacts the driver in question to help them improve their driving style and to determine their safety. Incidents like hijackings and vehicle theft can be acted on immediately, which limits losses.

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MiX Africa sponsors the SPAR National Driver Competition
The SPAR National Driver Competition is a challenge that tests driver knowledge and abilities in theory-based and practical tests in various regions within South Africa. The winners from each region then compete against each other in a national event. The SPAR Group is a long-standing, loyal customer of MiX Telematics and already makes use of the MiX Fleet Manager Premium solution, having implemented it around nine years ago, to help them to get their drivers to perform at optimal efficiency levels. To up performance and efficiency even more and improve the overall safety of vehicles and drivers, the SPAR Group now subscribes to the MiX Track and React service. All participating trucks are also fitted with MiX Talk, a hands-free, in-vehicle communications device aimed at reducing the risk associated with making and receiving calls whilst driving.
BCA Conferece, Auckland New Zealand
Vehicle Technologies, MiX Telematics' channel partner in New Zealand, recently participated in the BCA Annual Conference, which took place from 8th to 10th October in Auckland at the Vodafone Arts Centre. The event, aimed at Bus and Coach operators across New Zealand, included seminars on a number topics including the evolution of the transport industry and how to apply learnings to day-to-day business activities. Vehicle Technologies were on hand at the event to demonstrate how to make bus or coach fleets safer thanks to telematics technology, coupled with in-cab coaching aids. To find out more about Vehicle Technologies and the solutions they can deliver for the Bus and Coach industry, visit here.

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