MiX Tabs

All your assets, managed under one customer-created network

For many large companies, keeping track of moveable assets is a daunting task. Items like generators, storage tanks, work lights and pumps get deployed and redeployed, sometimes across multiple sites and in remote locations.

These assets are also often without dedicated power sources, making the automatic tracking of their whereabouts even more challenging, resulting in potential loss or theft.

Introducing MiX Tabs, an innovative and cost-effective way for customers to locate their assets. By leveraging their existing fleet of vehicles as a communications network, now customers can:

  • Track non-powered assets
  • Get information on assets outside of GSM coverage
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Reduce asset loss and theft
  • Create a unique network of vehicles and assets

How it works

MiX Tabs beacons are attached to assets as electronic tags. By enabling the beacons to “talk” to vehicles already installed with MiX Telematics on-board computers, the vehicles detect the tagged assets as they move around. The assets’ locations are reported by the on-board computers using GSM or Wi-Fi connectivity, or buffered until the vehicle has connectivity again.

Data is captured in the MiX Fleet Manager software platform, where customers can view asset details as well as the time and date that the asset was last seen at that location. Reports can also be generated from historic data to show when assets were moved from one location to another, as well as the last seen time, date and position of each asset.

An industry first

MiX Tabs is the first offering of its kind where moveable assets without a power source can be tagged, located and identified by leveraging connected vehicles to form a closed customer network.

Easy and cost-effective

The beacons used are light and easy to install. Combined with being reliant on existing infrastructure, the solution is affordable and accessible.


All beacons are self-powered, offering a battery life of up to three years. MiX Tabs is the ideal solution for any asset not connected to its own power source.

Why it’s different


Position reporting without connectivity

Even when there’s no connectivity, an asset’s position will still be captured and buffered until the vehicle it reports to regains connectivity. Assets in remote locations, without connectivity, will still have their position information reported by MiX Tabs. 

Reporting functionality

Asset data can be used to generate location, movement and utilization reports. Site or asset managers can assess how often assets are moved and to where, helping to identify utilization patterns. 

A network that is all yours

Because each beacon’s ID contains a unique company portion, a company’s vehicles will only report on its own assets. In the same way, other companies in the vicinity will never be able to detect assets that are not their own.

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