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True partnerships that go beyond the technology

As a provider of proven and trusted fleet management solutions to satisfied customers across the globe, MiX Telematics is well established as technology leaders in the field. Per month on average, we record an impressive 4.4 billion vehicle locations, 91 million trips, 500 million miles and 184 cumulative terabytes of data.

But, numbers aside, it’s what happens beyond the technology that sets MiX Telematics apart from other telematics providers. We call it Service for Life.




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Services offered

MiX Telematics offers a comprehensive range of services, which go beyond sales, beyond implementation and beyond troubleshooting. It starts when a customer signs the contract and continues, holistically, until the day the contract ends.

Implementation services
Project planning, installation, implementation and training.

Data capture services
Vehicle recorders, Android displays, audible alerts, communication networks and cloud-hosted services.

Support services
24/7 customer care, tier 1, 2 and 3 support, escalation paths and systems administration.

Success services
Account management, quarterly and annual business reviews, best practice, professional services, integration services, product development, fleet consulting and journey management.

Benefits across all industries

Every one of the industries in which we operate – including Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Utilities, Rental and Leasing, Transport and Distribution, Bus and Coach, and Government – can reap massive benefits from MiX Telematics’s Service for Life approach.

Uncompromised support
Our Account Management and Customer Care teams work with customers throughout the term of their contracts. Our Customer Care team is on standby 24 hours a day to assist with technical or other queries

Meeting your business objectives
We offer everything from planning through installation and training, to ensure business objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are met.
Endless ROI opportunities
Saving money, improving safety, reducing fuel consumption or increasing vehicle utilization are all ways in which we can help.  
Reporting excellence
Our service extends to optimizing the use of MiX Telematics’s reporting and analytics tools.

Complete peace of mind
All this adds up to peace of mind for our customers. But, if that’s not enough, MiX also offers an “Eyes of Screen service, for proactive monitoring of assets.


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“Numbers aside, it’s what happens beyond the technology that sets MiX Telematics apart from other telematics providers. We call it Service for Life.”

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