The in-cab driving aid that helps drivers to improve their driving style. 

Using an unobtrusive system of symbols with red/amber/green (RAG) status lights, accompanied by audible warning tones, drivers are given feedback on their driving style.

The unit can be configured in a number of different ways to provide customers with the most effective method of delivering alerts to a driver.

The RIBAS letters, each stand for a pre-programmed operational parameter:

  • R = over Revving
  • I =  excessive Idling
  • B = harsh Braking
  • A = harsh Acceleration
  • S = over Speeding





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How RIBAS can work for you

RIBAS is a dashboard-mounted display unit featuring an array of Green/Amber/Red status lights.  The coloured lights reflect the current driving-style by telling the driver when he or she is driving correctly, when a pre-programmed operational parameter is in danger of being exceeded and when a parameter has been exceeded.  In this way, RIBAS works pro-actively to help drivers stay within their vehicle's pre-programmed safety and efficiency parameters at all times.

The green status light, which takes the form of a MiX Telematics logo at the foot of the display unit, indicates that a vehicle is being driven correctly.  In such circumstances, this is the only light illuminated on the display.

The amber and red status lights are incorporated into the icons appearing alongside the RIBAS letters. Whenever a parameter comes close to being exceeded, the amber light illuminates, alerting the driver to a potential problem and thereby allowing corrective action to be taken.



Proven in service by operators worldwide, RIBAS  can positively influence drivers' performance behind the wheel in terms of economic, efficient and safe driving.

Using the RIBAS, customers will also experience the following benefits:

  • Immediate notification to driver of errors or transgressions
  • Safer, smoother driving
  • Improved passenger experience
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced accident severity

RIBAS also works in-conjunction with MyMiX a comprehensive driver engagement app geared to equip professional drivers with all they need to assess and improve their performance.



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RIBAS is the future for fleet operators who are serious improving driver behaviour for increased safety and efficiency.