Fleet Management

As a fleet manager, it is crucial to your business to not only track your vehicles, but to have access to immediate, secure information about your fleet at all times. You need to monitor the locations and statuses of their vehicles and drivers, without incurring the complexity of a full fleet management system.

Fleet management solutions by MiX Telematics present an effective offering which suits fleets of varying sizes and types - from trucks to light commercial vehicles, to motorcycles. Even the entry-level fleet management technology by MiX Telematics enables customers to have direct control over their mobile assets and workforce at all times.


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Key Features

  • Real-time and historical tracking
  • Location management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Fuel management
  • Live event feed
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Service and licensing management
  • Jobs and messaging

Reduce fleet operating

Using MiX Telematics solutions you will be able to capture and compare the driving style and fuel efficiency of your staff. Used alongside an appropriate incentive scheme and driver training, you will be able to use this information to achieve dramatic improvements in fuel efficiency.


Improve passenger comfort and safety

Smoother driving results in enhanced passenger comfort which leads to greater patronage and brand loyalty. Safer driving styles achieved through the MiX Telematics fleet management solution means lower accident rates. Additionally, you will be able to use any improved claims history to negotiate preferential insurance premiums.

Lower CO2 emissions

Reducing carbon emissions is particularly important for the road transport industry, which is alone responsible for 18% of CO2 emissions globally. MiX Telematics is the first telematics provider in the world to offer a service that enables fleet operators to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Our solutions enable clients to minimise the CO2 emissions of their organisations.  



MiX Telematics assists fleet operators to accurately pinpoint the location of your mobile assets. Our solution will empower your operation with the essentials for effectively managing your fleet.

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